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Image by Parker Gibbons

Pearl Connexions Care Services provide 16+ semi-independent accommodation. We offer a diverse range of support for young people not just a place to live. We are a care home with a difference, specialising in challenging behaviour, transition into adult hood and facilitating Supported Semi-Independent Living with tailored person-centred approach. We help our service users develop their independent skills and give them the tools needed to live a fulfilling life.


Our core values are shown in our manifesto, depicting the foundation of our company values ethos and way of working.


Supporting our clients building coping mechanism


Helping our clients recover from past experiences


Caring and protecting our clients

Pearl Connexions Manifesto-01.png


Enhancing the personal life skills of our clients


Guiding our clients into adulthood


Repairing any harm done and relationships that may have been damaged

Delivering tailored care to meet our residents social, emotional, physical, and behavioural needs is imperative to us. 

PCCS treats everyone with respect and dignity irrelevant to their personal circumstances.

Our staff strive to be the best and are committed to delivering the highest quality service.

We are committed to ensuring our residents live happy and content lives.

Nurturing our staff and providing the individual with opportunities builds rewarding careers.

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