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We are committed to achieving our stated aims and objectives through continually reviewing our Services and welcome feedback from our Service users and external professionals. We aim to provide a package of care, working with other agencies, to meet the needs and aspirations of our Service users.

To deliver bespoke, person-centred support to our young people

To provide suitable accommodation, creating a homely environment for our young people

To provide a safe and protected environment prioritising the safeguarding of our young people at all times

To support all young people to maintain links with their heritage and religious beliefs

To provide a service that empowers young people in support of enabling them to reach their full potential

To work in partnership with key professionals and local community services

To listen to the views of young people and advocate on their behalf where appropriate

To provide young people with long lasting skills and positive memories that will enhance their futures


In relation to young people:

To ensure that the service is delivered within an equality framework and that the diversity of our young people is respected alongside their rights to make informed choices.

To provide young people with accommodation that is stable and appropriate to their needs whilst encouraging personal choice and creating “a sense of home”

To provide a structured, stimulating, caring and safe environment that is free from prejudice and discriminatory behaviour

To create an environment which offers young people the opportunity to be listened to and express their wishes, needs and feelings


To encourage young people to develop their individual identity and a positive self-image through treating them with dignity and respect and reinforcing positive behaviour


To respect young people’s privacy and confidentiality


To Nurture and support young people in promoting and developing their health, educational and personal development needs


To encourage and enable young people to maintain/develop positive relationships with their peers, family/carer networks and the wider community


To ensure young people have the skills and knowledge to access support services in the wider community


To place young people’s needs at the heart of service design and delivery


To encourage young people’s feedback and involvement in decision-making processes and house activities


To have zero tolerance of any alerts of a safeguarding nature. Progress to be reviewed monthly


To recruit staff within a safer recruitment framework ensuring we have a high quality workforce who are skilled to perform the desired tasks


To continually assess the performance of our staff and ensure they receive support and guidance to maximise job satisfaction


To ensure our workforce is receiving regular training and supervision to develop skills and confidence.

To develop strong partnerships working with local authorities and professionals, achieving a reputation for excellence in all aspects of our service provision


To record and evidence the outcomes achieved through our services


To ensure and be able to demonstrate a comprehensive quality assurance monitoring policy throughout the organisation

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