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-Our team of dedicated.
 domiciliary home carers.
 pride themselves on high.  standards of delivery

This service extends to most levels of required healthcare from the post op to elderly care. We specialise by matching people with our staff, where companionship, support and engagement are paramount. Your care worker will have been trained and has core knowledge of various illnesses such as Alzheimers and Dementia.

We support service users with various aspects of care needs and our staff are ably trained to provide quality and safe care that meets our service users changing needs and enables our staff to carry out their duty in a more effective manner. Our recruitment is robust and we select care workers who have the knowledge and skills in delivering care to meet the service users’ needs.

Our carers understand the need for comfort, respect and dignity and are able to present empathy to those in need of care. Your care manager is there to monitor standards and review your changing needs on a regular basis. We differ from other service providers in our robust monitoring policy whereby you and your care worker are never alone. 

Finding help to stay safe, well and independent at home is a very personal issue.  Deciding when, how and what help will suit you the best is so important to achieving and maintaining your physical and emotional wellbeing.

The team behind your care is also vitally important.  Your care plans are overseen by skilled, qualified and dedicated care workers who have had a robust background check and DBS.

Our experienced, caring team thrive on developing a partnership with people looking to remain independent and at home, working together to find ways of maintaining your independence, keeping you connected with your friends, family and community and keeping you as healthy as possible.

Care Visits or Live – In


Our assessments are holistic as service users need change. You or your family may decide that your independence as far as it will go over time is best. You may choose to start with hourly visits or have a care worker living with you at a later stage depending on your changing needs. This is usually determined by the state of your health, social needs, and how you wish to continue living your life.  


 This can be a daunting experience, nobody likes to be less independent. We understand and our care workers apply compassion and support to give you peace of mind.


We start with an assessment and a detailed risk assessment of your home environment including facilities for Health and Safety, and adaptability to your current needs. Your care plan will be detailed and clear so family and loved ones are also aware of what kind of care you will be having and at what level. With your consent, we will be in direct communication with your doctors or medical health providers while putting your care plan together and this will be reviewed as and when needed.


Our care staff will be there to motivate and reassure you as you adapt to a temporary or permanent way of living. Our care workers are trained to observe your mental wellbeing, activities within your mental and physical capacity are always encouraged and monitored. Your emotional state is of great importance to us and we offer continuous training and support to your assigned care worker on a constant basis.


This domiciliary care is quite extensive and can be designed to help you run your home with as much support as possible aside from the company and care support. It may be a few hours in the day or as much as 10-12 hours a day. Some prefer just a set number of hours a few days a week, being comfortable knowing they would have their weekly visits to look forward to. We prefer to use no more than 2 carers so as to allow for a close relationship and an easier means to monitor your wellbeing and health and consistency. 


This home care package provides you with an allocation of funds enabling you to arrange care services (and products) which will support you to remain independent and healthy at home.  A range of services are available, from cleaning and help around the house, to social support (getting you to and from your favourite activities), physiotherapy and nursing. The advantage with live - in care aside from complete companionship is the close assistance when it comes to medication, diet planning and food preparation and someone to accompany you out of the home. Iit also offers your family great peace of mind knowing that you are receiving detailed care on an ongoing basis. This care option also involves external carer management with care managers on hand and registered nurses for those who require 24 hour medical support and care.

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